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Flying the beaches

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Letter Dwight D. Eisenhower

Every soldier who participated in Operation Overlord carried with him a letter written by Eisenhower which urged them all to victory.
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We canít imagine

A tribute for all of the men and women involved in the D-day landings.
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100 Euros for each Veteran coming to Normandy 70

ARROMANCHES has 100 Euros TO GIVE TO EACH VETERAN coming to the Normandie 70 commemorations
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D day 70

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Hundreds of pictures in the photo gallery

Arromanches 2004

Arromanches 2004 - Parade of the Normandy Veterans Association... Read more!

23rd Destroyer Flotilla

I am looking for veterans of the 23rd Destroyer Flotilla and those who attended the 23rd reunions in Portsmouth organised by my father Billy Swift.
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George William Abbott No.9 Branch passed away age 90
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Their story:

Linden, Joe
Linden, Joe

The first thing I remember of Normandy was being pleased to be on dry land again after the rough Channel crossing. We began the task of Flailing the beach area to clear any mines. After two or three runs up and down the beach we decided to stop and c...
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13Jun12ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 13 23.02.gif 

Normandy 2013

Pictures now online in the Photo Gallery


A poem written by Brian Bignell, a Sword Survivor
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